Mark Foss is a designer currently working at Special Special, a small shop/gallery in New York where he collaborates with artists on editions, exhibtions, and events.

He is also working on updating this website. Until then, here are some .gif's he has made in the last year.
[01] Animated map between words for a talk by Hannah Wnorowski about traveling across the country for four months, following her intuition and a deck of self-reflective tarot cards she made to guide her directions. Followed by stick-and-poke tattoos by Katsujina of the symbols on the deck chosen by chance. Connecting, overlapping, and coinciding with the Talks to Me exhibition.
[01] Animated poster/flyer for a walkthrough with artist Tim Simonds, talking through the layers of his work physically and conceptually.
[01] Animated announcement for Tim Simonds' exhibition Talks to Me
(a 7 layer, double-sided print on celery paper) at Special Special.
[02] Animated announcement for the book launch party of Artificial Intelligence for Fashion: How AI is Revolutionizing the Fashion Industry by Leanne Luce.
Images generated by Leanne and a GAN learning machine.
[03] Animated announcement for Love Hotel Rooms, an interactive installation asking participants to draw and recall a room they love or have loved in by Sarah Verity.
Designed with Sarah Verity.
[04] Identity and initial announcement for Handle with Care, a Holiday shop that included the previous editions from Special Special, precariously wrapped in a wrapping paper designed for the occassion and displayed throughout the space.
[04] Announcement for Lu Zhang's blind/masked poetry reading during the Handle with Care Holiday Shop.
[04] A reminder for those cooking during the Holidays.
[04] Happy New Year!
[04] Handle with Care Happy Hour invitation
[05] Animated invitation for Fur East Far Tokyo, an interactive exhibition and edition by Sebastian Masuda. Sebastian is known for having popularized the “kawaii style” of Harajuku in the early 1990's with his fashion line 6% Doki Doki and large installations.
Designed by Seokhoon Choi, breathing fur by Mark Foss.
[06] Animated invitation for Hibiscus exhibition, edition opening and tye-dye event.
In collaboration with Seokhoon Choi.
[06] Anouncement for Hibiscus by Benjamin Langford, exhibition of large scale stuffed flowers and Hawaiian shirt edition dyed in hibiscus. Identity designed by Seokhoon Choi.
[07] Bouncing “W” for the Towelkini.
[07] Revealing the Towelkini by Aria McManus.
Identity designed by Seokhoon Choi.